Neon Signs – The Pros and Cons

Neon signs are still a popular choice when it comes to advertising your business. To many people they may seem old fashioned, now that modern LED signs have become more cost-effective, but those looking for something different to make their business stand out from the crowd, still opt for neon.

One of neon’s big advantages is that custom made neon signs can be created in almost any shape or form. They are made by hand and there is an art to the process. The glass tubes are heated and bent into the desired shape and the fluidity of the curves is part of the appeal.

There is an almost old-fashioned nostalgia to neon that makes them a great choice for businesses looking to promote an image of solid worth or retro cool. But neon can also be shaped to look cutting edge and modern, it’s all in the design.

When a business is looking to establish a unique brand a custom made neon sign could be an important part of the branding process, giving an immediately recognisable identity to a store. When you have a neon sign designed especially for you, you can be sure that it is unique, as the hand-made element comes into play.

Quality neon signs are long lasting and need little maintenance. Eventually the gases may need refilling but this can be done relatively inexpensively and give your sign a new lease of life.

Neon signs are bulkier than the slimline LED signs that are now on the market. If space is an issue this may be a problem, but if not then it makes little difference.

The glass tubes used means that these signs tend to weigh more than lighter plastic signs. This is only a problem if the sign has to be shipped to any distance, to if there isn’t a sturdy enough an infrastructure where it will be mounted.

Neon does use comparatively more electricity to run than LED signs. If you are running just one medium sized sign that might not be too much of a consideration, but if you plan a whole array of signage, the difference in running costs can mount up.

Neon does come in many more colors than it used to in the old days, but if you have a particular shade of color that you want to match to your business branding this is not always possible with neon.


Handicapped Signs

Handicap Signs – Parking With a Purpose

A driver enters your parking lot with the intention of patronizing your business. He circles the parking lot searching for a space to park. After several minutes of trying unsuccessfully to find a parking space, he exits the lot and takes his business elsewhere. Later on, another driver enters your parking lot and parks some distance from the building’s entrance in the only space available. While walking through the parking lot, she falls and injures herself. Both of the above drivers are disabled and searched in vain for a space designated with a handicap sign. As a result of not having a sign, you have not only lost a sale, but opened the door to the possibility of a lawsuit. Additionally, the absence of handicap signs means your business has broken the law and the government will be levying a fine. All of this could have been avoided had your business installed ADA signs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal law that protects the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Business parking lots, municipalities, condominium complexes, office parks, shopping centers, and most other locations must accommodate disabled drivers by allocating and clearly marking parking spaces with handicap signs (also known as ADA Signs). Drivers immediately understand that when a parking space is designated with this ADA sign, it is reserved only for disabled individuals.

Many states have specific handicap signs that are either posted alone or in combination with other supplemental handicapped signs. Some states don’t specify their own state handicapped ADA signs, but require the use of Federal ADA Signs instead. Check the specific regulations for your state to be sure that your property complies with the correct regulations.

The material choices are many when deciding on the type of signs for your specific requirement. You can go with flexible, recycled plastic ADA signs, steel handicap signs for strength, long-lasting rustproof aluminum, or easily visible reflective aluminum signs for better nighttime visibility. And, don’t forget a sturdy sign post, if needed!

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Parking Signs

Parking Signs and Property Signs

Parking signs are used to give instructions and directions to vehicle owners while parking. They help in making the parking process convenient and as per the parking rules. Parking signs are also used to allow only authorized people and vehicles in the parking lots and to make the parking program effective. Along with parking signs there are property signs too that are used to ensure the security and safety of property. For example, a “NO PARKING” sign can be used to indicate whether parking is allowed in a particular area or not. If you look around, you’ll find various parking signs and property signs mounted all over giving instructions to mark general parking lots and disability parking section, to mark property, or to prevent theft and vandalism, etc.

There are a number of parking signs you can choose from along with the accessories which help to mount them so that they are clearly visible. Depending on your need, you can choose the parking signs. There are signs like:

No Parking Signs

  • Reserved Parking Signs
  • Private Property Signs
  • No Trespassing Signs
  • Tow-Away Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Symbol of Access Signs
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Handicapped Parking Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Prohibitive Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • School, Crossing & Warning Signs
  • Controlled Parking Sign

Security and Warning signs

 Security and warning signs must have text that can be understood easily by all. Security signs have text, such as:

 WARNING- Stealing Will Lead To Arrest and Prosecution

  • SECURITY- Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted
  • SECURITY- Vehicles and Contents Are Left at Owners Risk
  • SECURITY- No Unauthorized Persons Beyond This Point
  • SECURITY- Video Surveillance In Use On These Premises

CCTV Signs CCTV signs are used in areas where CCTVs are being used for monitoring and surveillance. These contain text such as:

CCTV in Operation

  • CCTV surveillance cameras in use
  • This garage is protected by 24 hour surveillance system
  • You are being videoed

Parking Signs MaterialThe stock traffic signs must be made with the latest MUTCD Standards according to which the signs must be reflective. These signs must have engineer grade reflective film or aluminum except for those that have diamond grade. Why Aluminum? Well because it does not rust. Outdoor grade plastic and pressure sensitive outdoor vinyl is also used to make parking signs.

Mounting Accessories for Signs

Mounting accessories are used to put up the sign so that it is visible to people during the day and at night. Mounting accessories include mounting posts and post reflectors blazers. These posts must be made from strong material and as per the.

Customize your parking signs or property signs

You can easily customize your parking signs with the text you need. At, there are many parking signs design templates and you can add your own wording to these templates. You can find parking signs in many shapes and sizes too.

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Aluminum Signs Vs Plastic Signs

When choosing the substrate for your sign there are many choices available. You could choose plastic, wood, acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic (Corroplast), foam board and more. Two of the most popular choices for sign substrates are definitely Aluminum and Corrugated Plastic. These are the two I would like to compare and discuss in this article.

There is a big difference between corrugated plastic signs and aluminum signs. For starters one is made from plastic where the other is made from aluminum. One is not necessarily better than the other. They just have different areas they are designed to be used in. Let’s take a closer look.

First let’s discuss the rigidness of the two signs. An aluminum sign is much more rigid than a corrugated plastic sign. So we must keep this in mind when choosing between the two. I would never install a corrugated plastic sign in a sign stand on a windy day or mount it to a pole. It could buckle and blow away much sooner than an aluminum sign would, in the same stand, under the same weather conditions.

Now let’s look at price of each sign material. An aluminum sign will typically cost more than a corrugated plastic sign. A corrugated plastic sign is also going to be less expensive to ship. Without question a corrugated sign is meant to be a budget sign alternative. When you need a sign that will last outdoors I would say that corrugated signs are the least expensive option available. This savings is also passed on when considering sign stands or mounting hardware. The stands you purchase for light weight corrugated plastic are usually much more affordable than the stands you would purchase for an heavier aluminum sign.

If you are looking for a longer term solution I would have to say aluminum would win the battle for longevity. Not necessarily because of the image coming off or fading, rather because of the overall structure of the material. A corrugated sign is more likely to fold, buckle, and blow away. An aluminum sign mounted in a quality stand may cost a bit more, however it will last much longer than a corrugated plastic sign.

Ease of installation is not a big issue on either an aluminum sign or a corrugated plastic sign. However the corrugated plastic sign is definitely much easier to handle and install. Now would also be a good time to mention that a corrugated plastic sign is less likely to get damaged or scratched during transport. It is a much lighter and more flexible product, therefore it is much more forgiving when rubbing against other objects. With the exception of being crushed or bent in half. All of our signs are very well packaged with corner protectors when needed and air pillows to prevent this from happening.

I would definitely prefer using a corrugated plastic sign for mounting from a ceiling indoors. It is lighter and safer than using an aluminum sign. However if wind is present the aluminum sign would be a bit more stable. Aluminum also tends to have a more quality and a more professional look.

As you can see both of these sign substrates are a reasonable option to consider for your sign project. For small sign projects I would have to say aluminum and corrugated signs are two of the most popular substrate choices.

By amie Quint