Parking Signs

Parking Signs and Property Signs

Parking signs are used to give instructions and directions to vehicle owners while parking. They help in making the parking process convenient and as per the parking rules. Parking signs are also used to allow only authorized people and vehicles in the parking lots and to make the parking program effective. Along with parking signs there are property signs too that are used to ensure the security and safety of property. For example, a “NO PARKING” sign can be used to indicate whether parking is allowed in a particular area or not. If you look around, you’ll find various parking signs and property signs mounted all over giving instructions to mark general parking lots and disability parking section, to mark property, or to prevent theft and vandalism, etc.

There are a number of parking signs you can choose from along with the accessories which help to mount them so that they are clearly visible. Depending on your need, you can choose the parking signs. There are signs like:

No Parking Signs

  • Reserved Parking Signs
  • Private Property Signs
  • No Trespassing Signs
  • Tow-Away Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Symbol of Access Signs
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Handicapped Parking Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Prohibitive Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • School, Crossing & Warning Signs
  • Controlled Parking Sign

Security and Warning signs

 Security and warning signs must have text that can be understood easily by all. Security signs have text, such as:

 WARNING- Stealing Will Lead To Arrest and Prosecution

  • SECURITY- Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted
  • SECURITY- Vehicles and Contents Are Left at Owners Risk
  • SECURITY- No Unauthorized Persons Beyond This Point
  • SECURITY- Video Surveillance In Use On These Premises

CCTV Signs CCTV signs are used in areas where CCTVs are being used for monitoring and surveillance. These contain text such as:

CCTV in Operation

  • CCTV surveillance cameras in use
  • This garage is protected by 24 hour surveillance system
  • You are being videoed

Parking Signs MaterialThe stock traffic signs must be made with the latest MUTCD Standards according to which the signs must be reflective. These signs must have engineer grade reflective film or aluminum except for those that have diamond grade. Why Aluminum? Well because it does not rust. Outdoor grade plastic and pressure sensitive outdoor vinyl is also used to make parking signs.

Mounting Accessories for Signs

Mounting accessories are used to put up the sign so that it is visible to people during the day and at night. Mounting accessories include mounting posts and post reflectors blazers. These posts must be made from strong material and as per the.

Customize your parking signs or property signs

You can easily customize your parking signs with the text you need. At, there are many parking signs design templates and you can add your own wording to these templates. You can find parking signs in many shapes and sizes too.

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