Handicapped Signs

Handicap Signs – Parking With a Purpose

A driver enters your parking lot with the intention of patronizing your business. He circles the parking lot searching for a space to park. After several minutes of trying unsuccessfully to find a parking space, he exits the lot and takes his business elsewhere. Later on, another driver enters your parking lot and parks some distance from the building’s entrance in the only space available. While walking through the parking lot, she falls and injures herself. Both of the above drivers are disabled and searched in vain for a space designated with a handicap sign. As a result of not having a sign, you have not only lost a sale, but opened the door to the possibility of a lawsuit. Additionally, the absence of handicap signs means your business has broken the law and the government will be levying a fine. All of this could have been avoided had your business installed ADA signs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal law that protects the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Business parking lots, municipalities, condominium complexes, office parks, shopping centers, and most other locations must accommodate disabled drivers by allocating and clearly marking parking spaces with handicap signs (also known as ADA Signs). Drivers immediately understand that when a parking space is designated with this ADA sign, it is reserved only for disabled individuals.

Many states have specific handicap signs that are either posted alone or in combination with other supplemental handicapped signs. Some states don’t specify their own state handicapped ADA signs, but require the use of Federal ADA Signs instead. Check the specific regulations for your state to be sure that your property complies with the correct regulations.

The material choices are many when deciding on the type of signs for your specific requirement. You can go with flexible, recycled plastic ADA signs, steel handicap signs for strength, long-lasting rustproof aluminum, or easily visible reflective aluminum signs for better nighttime visibility. And, don’t forget a sturdy sign post, if needed!

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